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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is actively engaged in conducting a strategic survey research program that includes participation in national and UNC System-wide survey projects. These survey activities are part of the University’s commitment to institutional effectiveness and improvement. Results from these surveys can be viewed below.

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment also supports academic and administrative units with survey development, administration, and analysis of surveys. We assist in developing survey items that best answer your research questions, provide support for administering surveys, advise on when to schedule surveys for optimal data collection, and analyze collected data.

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SERU Survey

The Student Experience in the Research University Survey is a collaborative effort among AAU institutions to better understand undergraduate student engagement and perceptions of their experience at research universities. A major advantage of participating in the SERU project is the ability to compare responses of Carolina students with those of their counterparts at other research universities at the program level.

A dashboard that permits detailed examination of the most recent 2022 SERU results is available at the Carolina Analytics Portal.

Summary reports of the SERU results from 2011 to 2022 are available through the links below.

More about the SERU Survey

The University is participating in the SERU (Student Experience in the Research University) project, which is a collaborative effort among various (mostly public) AAU institutions. Developed by the University of California at Berkeley, the purpose of the SERU project is: to develop “new data sources and policy relevant analysis to help broaden our understanding of the undergraduate experience and to promote a culture of institutional self-improvement” at large, public research universities. The University has administered the SERU survey every two years starting in 2011.

SERU Survey Summary Reports

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Graduating Senior Exit Survey

The Graduating Senior Exit Survey is administered every year to undergraduate seniors to gauge their perceptions of their experiences at Carolina and their post-graduation plans. The voluntary survey is available to all seniors upon completion of their requirements for graduation.
The summary report of the 2022-2023 Graduating Senior Exit Survey results is available through the link below.

Graduating Senior Exit Survey

Student Diversity


In Fall 2022, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment partnered with the University Office for Diversity and Inclusion to administer campus climate surveys to all students, staff, administrators, and faculty. The results of this survey are available on the Campus Climate Survey website.

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COACHE is a faculty work-life survey that came out of the Collaborative On Academic Careers in Higher Education at Harvard University. The survey is administered to faculty of more than 300 participating universities every three years. The survey focuses on faculty needs and the intricacies of life in higher education, such as work/life balance and satisfaction with working at Carolina.
UNC’s participation in the tenure/tenure track COACHE survey started in Spring 2009, and expanded to include fixed term faculty in Spring 2015. The most recent survey of UNC’s faculty took place in 2021, and the results are available below.

COACHE Survey Results

To learn more about how OIRA can support your survey projects, please contact us at the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.