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Assessment of academic programs focuses on enhancing student learning through systematic, faculty-driven processes for measuring what students know and can do at the end of their programs and using results to improve the educational experience.

One way to support direct measures of student learning is to use rubrics. The following video series is designed to help academic departments designs rubrics to integrate into their student learning outcomes reporting.

These videos are designed to be short, informative, and focused to a single concept or topic. Each link below directs to a Youtube video narrated by the University Director of Assessment, Dr. Bryant Hutson and Dr. Marissa Stewart from the Center for Faculty Excellence. For more information, please contact

Video Links
OverviewRubrics as Direct Measures
Benefits and Challenges of RubricsTypes of Rubrics
Designing RubricsDesigning Rubrics: Guided Activity
Rubrics and SLO ReportingRubric FAQs